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 Hey mama,
      Happy easter to you too! my day is great. how is your day?  they kinda celebrate easter. its weird, they celebrate more the holy week ( the week leading up to easter) and they eat shell fish on holy friday. holy week is really big here, well with other religions. my new area is great. we have 2 people that said that if they recieve an answer that our message is true, that they will get baptized… so that is awesome. oh and there is another girl that said that too. she is a little harder, but she said she would. my companion is pretty good. he is a nice kid. he loves talking to people so that is nice. I havent gotten the package yet, but i am sure i will get it soon. 🙂
     grandpa ken writes me every few weeks now. i asked him to tell me about his days in the army so he actually wrote me today! its pretty crazy where he has been. his boat almost flipped on the way to japan because they ran into a typhoon! crazy stuff….   
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