Elder Craven's Blog


Hey Mom,
    So this week has been awesome. We got to Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, ate a quick lunch, and then went out and did contacts all day. The people here in our sector are so much nicer and accepting. There are quite a few drunks too. They are pretty funny. No one ever knows what they are saying.
   So we were sharing a house with 2 other elders and our zone leaders. we were sleeping on matresses on the floor for the first few days. We now live in our sector and share a house with the other 2 elders that are in our sector. we have 4 here now because it is pretty dang big. In our house, we have an Elder from Honduras, another from Columbia, one from Utah, and me. Haha. Its crazy. My district leader is from Mexico, his companion is from Guatemala, my companion from Honduras, and then me. We have a very diverse district. its really really cool. My companion is a convert of about 5 years. My district leader is a convert of 2 years. Its amazing to see these guys out here exercising so much faith, eventhough they are fairly new to the gospel.



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