Elder Craven's Blog


  Hey mama,
   I am doing great today. We went to a waterfall that is about an hour outside of los angeles. Most of our investigators are doing good. We kinda lost 2 of them yesterday, but we are going to try and get them back. We havent had any books of mormon to give out so its been a little harder. The book of mormon is pretty important. We met this guy Gustavo earlier this week and we taught him yesterday in his store. He is an awesome investigator. He is really really acceptive. Then we have these two old ladies named Margarita and Leonides. They said that we are the nicest and cutest missionaries. They are really nice. Then there is Adrianna and Prisilla. Adrianna is kinda crazy and thought one time that my comp had a demon in him because they were kinda fighting…. This week i had my first experience with little kids throwing rocks at us.. i was so mad. And today on the bus, the man sitting behind me read his bible out loud because there were a lot of missionaries on the bus. he read the chapter in matthew that talks about the second coming and false prophets. then he said something about the mormon church.. it was great. i am really good at being patient with people when they are being stupid and disrespective.

we moved houses and didnt have any in the new house. we are waiting and getting some from the office. ( this is why they didn’t have any books of Mormon).

 i had to give a talk in church on sunday. i talked about 7 minutes about missionary work. it was actually pretty good because i didnt write anything down. i just talked.


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