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stoy en la misma lugar, pero sí mi español es mucho mejor. necesito practicar mas, pero es bueno. haha, i am in the same place. i am 99% sure i will be transferred after these 3 weeks. i dont think president will make me stay another cambio. things are better with this companion. we are having more fun. there are just good days and bad days.
.. so this week i got to break a door for some people it was sweet. you know those latches they have in hotels that lock the door but let you open it up a little bit?

so we were walking and this lady and her daughter were locked out of there house and they had a younger kid inside and he wasnt responding to their calls or screams. they were crying and screaming but couldnt get in to get him. so they yelled for me to break in the door because the younger kid was locked inside and they thought something was wrong… so i broke in the door… they ran upstairs and all i heard was, “son, son, wake up, wake up” so i thought oh no, this little kid is unconscious or dead… turns out that he is just a really heavy sleeper. they thanked me for getting the door open, and we walked away. it was really scary but really cool at the same time. lol

 everything else has been okay. we have been trying to focus on members this week, whether they are active or inactive. it is a lot better than knocking doors all day long. my companion and i have been playing the dice game from pirates of the caribbean 2 everynight this week. whoever loses has to do push ups. its been really fun. we have a lot more fun together now. my spanish is a lot better. the stake president lives in our area, and he asked me how much time i had in the mission, and when i told him that i had almost 6 months he was impressed because i sound better than a lot of elders who have a year. so i was glad to hear that he thought i had more time. lol

thanks mom. yesterday we were talking to an inactive young man about how he needs to come back to church. my companion brought up the fact of how fortunate we are to have the gospel in our lives and what we must have done in the preexistance to have the church now.. he used an analogy of how when we recieved our mission calls, it said that we will be serving for 24 months speaking spanish and sharing the gospel. in the preexistance we were forordained and called to live in certain places and to do certain things. it is sad to think that in my calling, i was called to be the son of you and dad, to be born in the united states and to have the gospel… then there is somebody like nick who i know i knew before this life, and in his calling he was called to be born in ohio and to not have the gospel. then we made promises to people that we would bring it to them in this life… that is incredible to think about. please send nick a text sometime this week to see how he is doing. i dont know how much more time we have. i usually just go until my companion says lets go. lol



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