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Nice Happy Presidents Day Mom. So my new companion is okay. I miss my other companion, but what can you do. He doesnt really understand any English, so that is a little hard. But it is forcing me to learn better spanish. It is kind of an answer to many of my prayers. Its not the answer that i expected, but i am learning how to use more spanish. This week has been a little difficult. I have had to show my companion around the sector and take charge of what we are going to do each day. We stopped by some old investigators house and i ended up talking to them for like 2 hours about life. Out of those two hours, i taught the 10 year old kid Diego, i dont know if you remember me talking about him back in like december, but i taught him how to say, “I dont speak english, but i am really good looking.” haha it was really funny. I am also working to teach them how to pray in english. The grandma invited us back a few days later to eat with them. she made homemade pizza that was actually really good. Then Diego and his aunt Paulina came to church with us. I think we are going to set a baptisimal date with those two for march. Then the other night we went to a home of 2 ex missionaries. The husband served in the Provo south spanish speaking mission, and she served in Washington DC, but now they are inactive. we had a really spiritually strong lesson with them. they invited us to have lunch with them tomorrow.
  Congrats to CheriAn! that is awesome. MMMM tamales! delicious! hopefully the banquets go smoothly!


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