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Hey mama! today has been awesome! we went to the mall, played some pool, then went and saw Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D because President Martinez gave us permission because it is one of the other missionaries birthday. so it was awesome!! Brother Watson went to see Star Wars Episode 1 on his mission, and now i went to see it on mine. lol. then we went to pizza hut and ate a bunch of pizza. Mondays are still Pdays. That will always be Pdays. For office people and for assistants, Pday is Saturdays, but for the rest of us, its always Mondays. Transfers are tomorrow, but i am staying in the same place. My trainer, Elder Torres, is getting transferred, and i am going to have a different companion. His name is Elder Gasmuri. His parents are from Peru, but he was born and raised in Chile. So i am pretty sure i wont be speaking very much english with him, which stinks, but this will really help my spanish. I am sad to see my trainer go, but life of a missionary. ha. Dakota is going to love Chile. except it is super hot and dry up where he will be.
  This week a lot of things fell through with investigators, but i am hoping to find more of them home this week. I do have some cool news though. The family that we have helped get back to church every week and paying their tithing, the dad was just told that he is going to be ordained a high priest within the next month! so we were really excited to hear that! we found some people to teach, and i have a visit set up with a family that was a reference from a member for later this week. i hope that goes well. it would be awesome to baptize in this sector because it has been over 6 months since the last baptism. this last week we had a really really good conference with president and the assistents. last month was a bad month for the mission and we only had 46 baptisms, but this month, the goal is 100 and right now there has or will be 91, so we are really close to the goal. we just need to commit a few more to baptism. The couple that we have been working with, is getting really close to marriage i think. I would love to see them get married, and see her baptized. That would be amazing……………

  When i get back i want to go camping with the boys! that sounds like so much fun.

 Congrats to CheriAn with the patriarchal blessing and deciding to go to the temple! very exciting stuff.


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