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Thank you for your testimony momma. i was so happy to get to see and talk to all of you. i was thinking that i only have to wait a few months before the next one, then a long 7 month wait before the christmas one again. that will be a long wait, but i will only have to make it once in my mission. christmas was really nice. santa visited and i got a nerf gun. also i got a tie from the people that we went to visit in collipulli. and i got a box of chocolate and a hand towel from the people we spent christmas eve night with..
   on christmas eve, after talking to you we went to a house and had 2 steaks each and some other stuff, then a few hours later went to another house and had another piece of steak and chicken and other stuff. then sunday morning went to sacrament, then to collipulli where we had another piece of steak and turkey. everything was delicious. i almost died christmas eve night though because of all the food. today we went to los angeles and it was cool. i took money out to buy some stuff plus elder torres told me to take extra out and hold on to it for later because of the transaction fees and that it was just better to just take a lot out at once. so i did. thank you very much for everything mom. i am really glad to be out here. i have some pics from collipulli and a video or two. It was beautiful. we went to a waterfall with the family that my companion baptized. they were so cool.   The first few pictures are from Collipulli.  The last one is of me with my trainer (my Dad), and his trainer (my grandpa) in the mall in LosAngelas.  His name is Elder Filamita, he is from Argentina.  So maybe grandpa knows his family or maybe even baptized them long ago…..idk.  He is a really cool Elder.


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