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Hola mamá. ¿Cómo tay? Everything is going good here in Temuco. We are getting together with the zone in a little while to make cookies, watch The Grinch, and go sing christmas songs at the local hospital for 100 kids. This week is going to be really busy, so i dont think i am going to be able to call home… haha just kidding. it will be sometime on saturday i think. i will call you first and tell you to get on skype then because we are quite sure yet of when it will be… we dont really have any investigators that are progressing right now, which is sad, but we have found quite a lot of people who are good possibilities for baptism. we are also working with a part member family.. thing is that we have to get them married first, but we talked about temples the other night and i have pictures of the mesa temple and a picture book that has the SLC, kirtland, and nauvoo temple in it and they were really interested. so that was cool. we also have an investigator that we gave a blessing to the other day and she wants us to come back. we had a less active sister come to church yesterday so that was really cool. she cleans our clothes so we see her twice a week. hmm what else.. we have a secret santa in our zone tomorrow and i got one of our zone leaders as my person. i got him a nerf gun. i am sure he will like that. on wednesday we have mission conference. then thursday we have interviews with president. my first month is almost over. january 1st is my first transfer that i will have had in the field. so that is exciting. …….christmas time probably is crazy. it is busy here as well. but that helps the days go by faster. which is always nice……here is a picture from inside the hospital of a part of Temuco.


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