Elder Craven's Blog


Things are going good. We continue to eat well. Our investigators are doing good. at the beginning of last week one of them told us that she was thankful for everything but she had gone to an Evangelical church and wanted to get baptized in it. We have helped her stop smoking, by giving her a priesthood blessing, and she was really thankful for that. We have changed her life very rapidly and was really thankful. But then we talked to her a few days afterwards and found out that she found out that her step dad was a member and she didnt like him so thats why she was having trouble going to our church, but she was thinking about it and figured out that there are good and bad people at every church. That was the Holy Ghost teaching her. I know it was. So she came to church with us yesterday and i think she liked it. We are going to her house on Wednesday to talk more about it. We had 3 investigators at church yesterday. One of them lives with her boyfriend who is a member, and they have a son together. We are going to get them married sometime soon and then hopefully get her baptized. They want religion for their son. The other investigator is Diego. He is 10 and is freaking awesome. He wants to get baptized and he really wants Elder Torres to   baptize him. We have reactivated a family and have spent two days with them this last week making tacos and such. They love having us over and want to do it again soon. Last night we were at a family`s house that is a part family home. We are probably going to their house on the 24th. They are really really cool.  I dont know quite yet when we are going to skype. We are probably going to Collipulli for Christmas with some of Elder Torres` investigators. So that will be cool. On saturday we helped that part member family, well the dad who is not a member, load wood onto a truck out in the country side and then unload it at his house. We loaded 20 metros, over 60 feet long, and 3 feet high of wood. it was soo much wood. He was really thankful.


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