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Hey mama,
    Man January is almost over.. that is crazy. Im sorry to hear about Sister Nelson, but she is in a peaceful place of rest now.. I think the youth in the bigger cities go to seminary, because that is what my Mission President did before the mission. He works for the church and is in charge of seminary for a lot of the country if not the entire country for seminary. I dont really stand in need of anything. you dont really need to send the seasoning or the refried beans lol. i really really like peanut butter cups, snickers, butterfingers, 3 muskateers, and milky ways. making the kool aid is hard because all of the containers are measured in liters so to make it taste perfect is hard. lol. we dont really cook much. last week i bought peanut butter and jelly and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and let me tell you, i have never had such amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before haha. its funny how the little things make such a big difference. chileans dont really eat peanut butter, so i hadnt had it in a while. its good to hear about the boys and that they are doing well! i miss them and love them.
   so it is crazy how the Lord trusts us with this work. I mean before i thought it was amazing that we send 18-20 year old boys on missions and people actually join the church. haha. i mean if you think about it, people listen to such young men, well the Holy Ghost that is speaking through us, and make life changes. that in itself is amazing. then you put in the factor that you are asking young men to wake up at 7 everday to study, then wear clothes that arent the most comfortable things to wear. to go out and knock on total strangers doors, in a language that most didnt grow up speaking, all day, and to trust them to bring salvation to others… man i wouldnt trust that age group to do that, but the Lord does. And it is amazing that the church continues to grow. In the Book of Mormon when the sons of Mosiah go to the lamanites to teach them, they have to teach them the right because of the false traditions of their fathers. that is exactly what we are doing. Many answer their doors and tell us that they are catholic and their entire family is and they always have been. its hard to have so many people with the same excuse tell us that they arent interested, but when you have a powerful spiritual experience, it is all worth it. this last week we didnt have to much success getting new investigators, but we stopped by some inactive members house to see how they were doing. we found them a few weeks ago. it is a daughter and a mom who are older and live together. they were baptized over 40 years ago and havent been to church for a really long time. two weeks ago the mom was in the hospital so we stopped by this week to see how she was doing. she is doing better but we gave both of them a priesthood blessing. the spirit was so strong during and after it. they want us to come back and talk with the granddaughter and possibly the grandson. so that was really the spiritual highlight of my week. even though you all arent here with me, i keep working hard for and because of you. i love you all and miss ya.
 Love Elder Craven


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