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Collipulli was really good. It is really sweet to see how much a missionary can really mean to a family. My companion baptized a few of them and then Elder Dyches(my companion in the MTC) his dad baptized the other ones. It is really cool though to see how much converts and missionaries can have love for eachother. Your new years eve sounds pretty fun even though you didnt stay up late. We went over to the 2nd counsellor in the Bishoprics home for our New Years eve. It was really fun. We spent the entire day with them. I made one of those cookie mixes with them, and we had a huge asada (barbeque).. for us two missionaries, their two sons, Brother and Sister Molina, and then a set of grandparents, we cooked 20lbs of meat. It was so much food!! we also sat around and talked about doctrine and stuff and drank Mate. That is the stuff that you drink out of the silver cups that grandpa and ray have. Then we saw fireworks on the tv at midnight. Drank some kid champagne. Chilleans give everyone hugs when the new year comes in. That is like a custom to do. Then we went home and went to bed. After church on sunday we went to some other peoples house and had some good conversations about the gospel and stuff, then my companion helped fix their laptop and i watched a little bit of 17 miracles with them. Then we left because Elder Dyches and his companion Elder Fetty who is one of my companions old companions, came to stay at our house because elder Dyches had a doctors appointment today. So we had fun hanging out with them today..
  This week we knocked so many doors. We found some really good people to teach because they have lost spouses and stuff and they are really receptive to us… So that is awesome. We also have a family that told us we can come back sometime this week so we are hoping all goes well with that.. My companion is a stud with the scriptures. The other night we helped a member about our age with some problems that he has been having and we did it all with scriptures. The book of Mormon truly can answer questions of the soul. You just have to know how and where to find the answers. It is amazing. I am reading the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish at the same time and i am starting to understand more. I am trying to finish it all within the next 6 weeks. The work is going good here. I love you all. It sounds like the boys are doing good    Love you mama!!
     Elder Craven


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