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Well things here are going great. we are still progressing with a few of our investigators. we have a ten year old boy who really wants to get baptized and who is amazing, but his mom wants him to wait till he is 11. but he keeps asking her if he can get baptized sooner and i think she is going to let him. our other investigator is due to be baptized the 30th. she has trouble with smoking and needs to go to church a few times before she can but we gave her a blessing of strength the other day and so we are going to check up with her to see how that is going..as for krista, i dont think the lord is going to hold back any blessings for her if you dont use her married name. as long as dad said the authority and in the name of jesus christ, i wouldnt be too worried. i hope she gets better though. that stinks. hopefully everyone gets better. being sick stinks. i am eating really well. the members in our sector feed us a lot. the other day, we went to a members house and there was a big plate filled with mashed potatoes and a steak on top. it was soo good. i thought of zac when i saw it because of all the mashed potatoes. it was funny. that is awesome that his team is doing so well this year. haha i think of the mission in milestones too. christmas is the next one. then 6 months, then mothers day, then my birthday, then 1 year. it is going to fly by. it is weird. days seem like weeks and weeks seem like days. we had a zone activity today.. my companion and another mexican, then myself, and another elder made the tacos that he made a week ago. they were so good. soon we are getting together to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. So i am excited for that… i started doing P90X with my companion. i am going to get big and strong. Ummm, hmm what else.. we are starting to work with the ward here more, which is going to help. we are trying to make relationships with the members so we can use them during lessons and stuff so we can have more baptisms and converts.  oh i did eat something interesting… horse steak. it was actually really good. very light. and we drink this wheat coffee a lot. it is soo good. 
um for christmas, if you want to send some candy, my comp loves sour skittles, some kool aid, some gatorade powder, a few of my t shirts please, and mixes for like brownies or cake, or like mixes that we can add water and have american food. oh and if you want to send a bottle of ketchup. that would be sweet. the ketchup here is really sweet and weird. but dont spend too much money sending it. with the candy, butterfingers, milky ways, snickers, reese´s peanutbutter cups, and peanut butter m&m´s. love you mama bear. cant wait to hear back. oh and pictures of everyone, like the boys playing sports and stuff would be sweet. love ya  oh and i would love to have a copy of the book called the miracle of forgiveness.  Hey i wont get to talk to you in a few days, but……….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!!   here are pictures of this real life angry birds game that my companion has and of us helping a family decorate their christmas tree… they love us. i am going to eventually send you all some stuff from here i think. probably after christmas. i am going to save up some money and stuff. i want all of you to try the coffee stuff, and some other stuff. the milk here comes in cardboard boxes and are good for a year. i eat zucarites which are the latin version of frosted flakes. they actually are made in michigan and just put in a different box. the other day we went to downtown temuco and it was sooooooo sweet. really felt like i was in a different country. i was so excited. it was sweet. there are cool places here. 
      Elder Craven

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