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Dear Family,
         Como estan?  So I just typed my first email to you(from Chile), but they told us to write you  a letter on the back of this map of our mission.  I’m really excited.  Even though I can’t speak really good, the people can still understand me.  My President is just super nice and so is Sister Martinez.  We are all really excited to be here.  We are currently sitting in the President’s living room.  He lives on the 6th floor of a condo/apartment building.  It’s super nice. From his porch, you will be able to see the temple that the church is going to build.  Our president has seen the plans of the temple, but he won’t say anything about it because the church hasn’t revealed it.  But all is going well.  We are just excited greenies.  We talked to 2 different guys in the airport.  They were both really receptive to our message.  The first was a German kid named Flo.  He was pretty dang interested.  And then Daren was just an American guy and the spirit was really strong even though we were in the terminal.  There was like 5 of us talking to him and he had this story that had happened to him.  He almost died a few years ago, but he didn’t know why the Lord allowed him to live, but he said that maybe it was because he needed to meet us.  It was sweet.  So our mission standards has been set at 10 new investigators each week.  This is a baptizing mission.  Every mission is a baptizing mission if you have expectations to baptize.  Most missionaries that don’t baptize, don’t baptize because they go to their mission with no expectation to baptize…….But, yea it’s going to be awesome.  We had some local chocolate milk here at the mission home and it was different but good.  Well I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Love all of you so much.
                                 Elder Craven

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