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Dear Mom and Dad-
I never told you this, but a few weeks ago we sang a special version of “Called to Serve” and I swear the spirit that was there was literally shaking Hell. Satan was so scared of all the missionaries in that room and you could feel it. For the young men, Satan is working so hard to keep them from going to the mission field because he knows how many people they are going to reach and he doesn’t like it. Music means a lot more to me and I find it brings the Spirit to me much stronger now. It is crazy sweet. So I learned this week that the Restoration is what sets us apart from all the other churches. Other churches baptize and that’s good, but we had a Restoration of the Authority and the ordinances, because they were lost with the death of the Apostles. That’s why we are the only true church. We have the Authority.

So my teacher, Sister Lucero, made us tamales and they were so good. She is from Chihuahua, Mexico and has only lived here for 10 months, so she is the real deal. I was downstairs in my residence building and I was showing some Samoans how good tamales are. They didn’t speak very much English, but they were really cool. We have all of the Samoans and Tongans in our building. They are crazy and awesome. Everyone is getting excited to go into the field. I am still reading Jesus the Christ and loving every page of it. I’m pretty much out of time to write, so tell the boys I love them so much.

Elder Craven


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