Elder Craven's Blog

The MTC is a magical place

Hey everyone. Today is October 6,2011. Athough it’s only October, we had snow fall from the sky here in Utah. Man I wish I had Arizona weather here. The MTC is a magical place. It is an amazing place of learning. We have church leaders coming here on a daily basiswho give such good counsel. My district is about to get smaller this next week. Elder Smith and Elder Warren are going to the Guatemalan MTC. I feel like it is going to be very quiet in our classroom starting Wednesday. I have made strides in the Spanish language. I can actually say multiple things and have it make sense. My testimony of my Savior has grown tremendously. I constantly feel his encouragement while I am here. I love the MTC, other than the food. It is okay. I have gained a better appreciation for sleep since getting here. Sleep is wonderful. I often find myself losing words from my English vocabulary. I can’t wait to get down to Chile and be fluent in Spanish. Keep writing me even if you don’t have anything profound to say. I just love hearing from everyone. Use dearelder.com and it’s free. Love you guys. I pray for you everyday.


-Elder Craven


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