Elder Craven's Blog

To my brothers

So how are you guys doing? How is school going? Are you guys still reading your scriptures? Hopefully you are. Be good to eachother. When you leave on your missions, you will miss eachother a lot. Trust me, I know. Use dearelder.com to write me. I would love to hear from you guys. And keep writing me emails. I am excited to get pics from mom so I can show you guys off to my companions. Tell the young men in the ward hello for me. Now is the time to prepare to be missionaries. I can tell the difference between the elders that just jacked around all the time. Your companions will be happy to have you if you are prepared. Build your testimonies now and you will do great. The gospel is so simple and don’t be afraid of not knowing something. The things you will be teaching people is easy stuff. The best thing to do is practice. Be good home teachers. Please send me scores of games and stuff or have dad do it. News from the outside world would be wonderful. Love you boys so much,
Elder Craven


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