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Both letters Received Oct 3rd, 2011

To his brothers………

Hey boys,
What’s up?  How is school going?  Hopefully you are studying hard! (haha)  If it makes you feel better, on an average day here at the MTC I study for about 9-10 hours.  Study your language extra hard.  It could help for when you get your mission calls.  At every meal there is cereal and chocolate milk, but there is always 3 different meals to choose from and they are all a buffett.  I get to play basketball 5 times a week which is really fun.  The guys in my district think that I’m really amazing because none of them really played ball that much growing up.  Well, I love and miss you boys.  Keep me updated on life!  Oh and who got my phone?  Zac, are you dating any fine young daughters of our Heavenly Father?  Remember, el ague de bank es no bueno.  Cuando yo bebido el ague del bank, mi estomago es enfermo!  (Listen to my council)

Love, Elder Craven

Hello family,

So after 1 week at the MTC and it feels like I can’t remember when I got here.  The days here seem long but then they mush together.  It’s a weird feeling, but being here is cool.  I love the people I’m with.  We were counseled the other night to let the mission go through us and not have us go through the mission.  I definitely agree.  When you aren’t trying and not doing what the Lord would have you do, you aren’t going to be successful.  Here at the MTC we have investigators played by the other teachers so that we get the opportunity to teach.  It seemed so scary on day 2 when you are told that the next day you will be teaching an investigator in a different language.  I was a little freaked out at first but now I would say “sue chevere.”  That means that’s cool.  When we would prepare a lesson before we got in there, we usually had an idea about what WE wanted to do.  When we got in the lesson and found out more of what the investigator needed, we rarely do what we planned and did what the Lord wanted us to do………..Just remember that I love you guys and two years isn’t long.  The first week is over.

Love,  Elder Craven


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