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A couple of letters : )

Sept 21st, 2011  (Letter to Mom and Dad First day at MTC)


Today is my first day at the MTC.  I have 2 companions and that isn’t how it usually is.  We are the only triplet in our immediate spanish zone.  My teacher is Hermano (Brother) Notormayer.  My companions are Elder Tholl from Utah and Elder Dyches from Texas.  All three of us are going to the same mission in about 9 weeks.  Things seem a little overwhelming but we’ve been told that once you make it to the first Sunday, it is smooth sailing from there.  I’m going to try to be obedient with exactness because that’s what will bring miracles.  We meet our Branch President tomorrow, President Evans.   Tell the boys and Krista and David hola for me.


Sept 24th, 2011 (Letter to Mom and Dad 3rd day at MTC)


I miss you guys!  Today has gone pretty good.  We taught our second lesson in Spanish today.  The language is starting to come a little bit more today than it has, which is pretty cool.  We often find ourselves depending a lot on the Spirit.  My district is really cool.  I am the district leader over our 8 person district, which is pretty cool, all of them are pretty cool.  I am really glad that they are in my district.  It makes things so much nicer.  P days are glorious days!!!  Well, tell the boys that I love them, Adios!!

P.S.  Send letters using dear elder.com!  Letters are wonderful!!!

Oops, p.p.s.  Tell Grandma and Grandpa G thanks for the letter and that I love them.  Tell Charlie and everyone else that I miss them


Elder Craven

(Email conversation with Mom on Sept 29, 2011)


One week down, only 105 more to go!!!!! So an average day consists of 3 meals, 9-10 hours of studying (language, personal, and companionship study). I get a 50 min gym period 5 times a week and i play basketball every time. My district thinks I am amazing at basketball. When studying, have a goal and it will make your studying so much more effective! I got a letter from my mission president, and it took 13 days for it to get to here from Chile. Thank you guys so much for the letters. It is very encouraging when we get them. Keep ’em coming!! I’m almost out of time. Devotionals are awesome here. Every Tuesday a general authority comes here. We had a mission president from Tempe come to our mission conference on Sunday too. He knew grandma and grandpa. I can only write letters back on p days so just be expecting them once a week. So as a district leader, I am the eyes and ears for the branch presidency of my branch for the elders and sister in my district. She is the only sister because she was the only one put in there I guess?? We are the intermediate Spanish class for our branch and she is the only one that was called at that time to come. So I report to the branch presidency on how my members are doing. I also get to attend extra leadership meetings. I get to meet individually with all of the elders in my district, and I am in charge of getting the mail from the mail area after lunch and after dinner.


Love you guys. Bye!!!

Tell grandma (Linda C.) thanks for the card and letter please!!!


Hey Krista, (September 29th)


So I don’t know if I have learned anything really cool yet, but it is crazy how much I have been blessed to learn the language in just this past week. I am actually able to sorta talk in sentences that make sense. I can usually help my companions teach the discussions in Spanish. One of my companions is really smart in Spanish. The other two of us just look at him when we need something explained to us. It’s pretty funny. Well I am going to try and send a longer letter to mom for everyone. Love and miss you guys!


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