Elder Craven's Blog

First Email from the MTC

Hey everyone, Elder Craven here. I will only be able to use the computer to email once a week for 30 minutes while I am here and I can only respond to letters once a week. So on Thursdays, expect Emails and I will try to respond to all of your letters. If you want to send letters, check out dearelder.com my mailing address while I am here at the MTC in Utah is

Elder John Craven
Provo MTC Mission
MTC Box# 89
2005 North 900 East
Provo UT 84604-1793

I hope to be hearing from you guys soon. Letters are golden around here. Let me know stuff that is happening in the outside world!!! The spanish is starting to come around a little bit. It is crazy how God and the spirit can bless you when teaching the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first few days have been hard but it is getting better. Most of the food looks good, but looks can be decieving! haha. I will be here in utah till around november 21st. When I get all of my travel info and stuff I will let you guys know. But seriously, send letters using dear elder por favor! it is seriously awesome to get letters.


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